Winter Session

Growing in the 10-Week Break (with Prof. Chris Adkins)

Tuesday, December 8, 6:00-7:15pm ET

Please pre-register here for this session to receive the Zoom details.

During this 75 minute Zoom session, reconnect to your Grow Plan, or focus on your leadership growth in general through the following:


  • Recharging and Reconnecting to your Grow Plan.
    We will take a moment to return to your Grow Plan, looking back on your progress and exploring ideas for the future. In particular, we will discuss ways you can use the Winter Break to recharge, cultivate habits of well-being and invest in core relationships to further your personal and professional growth.


  • Empathy Project: Designing Authentic Conversations.
    Empathy is a core skill for values-based leaders. This project is designed to help develop your empathy by designing conversations that build trust and understanding both with friends and family and with those we find difficult to understand. I will share how you might practice this exercise over the break, and become more tender, strong, and true through everyday conversations. 


Tender-Strong-True Resources

Make it goal over the break to access a few of these resources for guidance and support on becoming a more Tender-Strong-Leader. Reflect on what resonates most with you and build it into your Grow Plan, or leadership growth ahead. This is just a short list, and if there are resources you’d like recommend, please email Alice Obermiller (, and we’ll add them to our list.


Tender Leadership:


Strong Leadership:


True Leadership: