Team Rooms & Lounge Space

General Usage Guidelines

Mendoza College of Business expects all students to adhere to the following usage guidelines in team rooms and lounge spaces:

  • Team rooms cannot be reserved and acquired on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • There is a two-hour maximum time limit (individual or group) with priority given to groups over individuals.
  • Room availability is displayed on room screens, and it is the expectation that students honor program-initiated reservations.
  • Food and beverages are permitted in student-dedicated spaces with the expectation that students maintain a clean work environment for all occupants.
  • Students are solely responsible for items left unattended in team rooms and lounges.

Stayer Center | Team Rooms and Lounge

MBA students may access:

  • All team rooms in the Stayer Center building have a dedicated keypad code (contact Student Services to obtain the code);  
  • Stayer Center 305 Lounge; and 
  • Several additional MBA-dedicated teams rooms will be available when the new MBA Lounge opens on the Stayer Center lower level in Spring 2023.

Please Note: During Executive MBA residency weekends (twice a month, typically Thursday - Saturday), we reserve several Stayer Center team rooms during specific class times. Digital displays and posted signs will notify students of these reservations. We kindly request that you honor them, regardless if the space is unoccupied, to avoid our EMBA students being delayed in meeting with their learning teams to work on in-class deliverables.

Mendoza | Team Rooms and Lounge - Fall 2022 Only

Beginning on Monday, September 12, and for the Fall 2022 term only, you may access:

  • Team rooms in the Siegfried wing of the Mendoza building (southwest corridor); and
  • Mendoza 149 Lounge.

Please note: Once the new dedicated MBA Lounge opens in the lower level of the Stayer Center in Spring 2023, Operations and Program Facilities will transition Mendoza team rooms and the Mendoza 149 Lounge to dedicated space for our Specialized Masters programs only.

Building Hours | Mendoza and Stayer Center 

Mendoza and Stayer Center buildings are open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the academic year unless otherwise communicated. To access both facilities outside of these hours, please:

  • Tap your Irish1Card at the card reader next to an exterior door; and 
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN (if you do not know your PIN, visit

If you experience disruption in your access, please email, and include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your 9-Number
  • The exact door/room # you're attempting to access without success.